Meet The Keynote Team

Katrina Kaposts Smith - Agent and President
Katrina Smith wishes everyone enjoyed their jobs as much as she loves hers. What could be better than getting to know hundreds of great speakers, each at the peak of their profession, in fields from nanotechnology to mountain climbing? Meeting business luminaries, real life heroes, famous book authors, and world leaders is a dream job.

Katrina worked as a booking agent at Keynote for several years before becoming the owner, speaker manager, HR director, legal department, overly-picky copy editor, troubleshooting negotiator, and staff bartender. She regrets not being able to spend quite as much time working directly as an agent - it was much more fun than the paperwork she has to do now - but is thrilled at the way Keynote continues to expand.

Katrina was proud to serve as the President (2014-2015) of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus, and on the IASB Board of Governors, giving her an opportunity to observe trends and to influence the development of the industry she loves. Katrina is passionate about her ongoing work with IASB’s strategic planning initiative, which focuses on assessing the current state of speaking industry, and on shaping bureau and agency roles in this market.

Katrina graduated from Yale University in 1994, where she studied music and languages. She loves all kinds of music from opera to blues to electronica, speaks a variety of sometimes-obscure foreign languages, and rides a loud and very shiny Harley Sportster in her spare time. At the center of her life is Katrina's children: two hilarious teenage boys, and a small daughter who is absolutely fearless (wonder where she gets that?). Her family also has a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, who serves as Keynote’s official greeter and guard dog. Katrina and her kids currently live in Woodside, next door to a horse whose barn is nicer than their house.

Ranveer Singh - Agent
Ranveer Singh has a knack for detail and an extremely professional attitude towards everything he puts his efforts into. Ranveer came to Keynote after spending nearly 13 years in the financial services industry, and during his time as an Assistant Vice President and an Investment Officer for two of the largest financial institutions in the country, he knew he needed a change that could hone in on his exemplary client relation skills. He loves working with clients to find the best solutions, and taking the time to understand them. He is a particularly hard working and diligent individual who will always find best possible outcome for the customer.

Ranveer was born and raised here in the Bay Area and loves being outdoors; from kayaking in Sacramento, snowboarding in Tahoe, hiking in the Redwoods, going to beaches in Los Angeles, you name it, he's probably done it. He loves being open to new things and travelling to places that he has yet to discover.

Kathleen Mozena, CMP - Agent
Kathleen Mozena has been in the meetings business for nearly 20 years. She graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Communications, the perfect major for her future career. She enjoys working with speakers because it enables her to get to know the best and the brightest in a variety of fields, and because it helps her stay current on all of the latest business trends and topics that are important. She likes to be “in the know!” Kathleen’s favorite types of speakers are those with good humor and energy, who genuinely want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Kathleen leads an incredibly active life. She enjoys the outdoors and most types of athletic endeavors, including hiking, golf, volleyball, and running. Kathleen also enjoys good food and dining with friends, travel, the arts, music, theater, and dance. Her preferred travels include everything from a weekend getaway to the local wine country or to Lake Tahoe, to more extensive trips to Europe, particularly to her roots in Ireland and Italy, and to France, where she was an exchange student. Kathleen is one of 8 children and is active in a wide variety of associations and organizations (including Toastmasters and MPI – she is both a CTM and a CMP) so Kathleen does not lack for family and friends to join her!

Katie Sorenson - Agent
Katie ensures outstanding results by truly listening to customer needs and matching them to her clients' talents. Her ability to establish rapport and credibility among diverse groups is a particular strength. She is happiest when being able to combine her biggest passions; learning about new ideas from the brightest in the field and interacting with all types of people.

Katie's previous experience in marketing and all forms of social media lends itself well to her role at Keynote Speakers, Inc. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology at Washington State University. She moved to San Francisco in 2014 and is enjoying the easy coastal weather, ocean views, and the active lifestyle the city provides. She enjoys traveling, hiking, reading, and exploring the Bay Area.

Lauren Whittle, CMP - Speaker Administrator
Lauren Whittle is an accomplished event manager and hotel sales executive. She is one of the first event planners in the country to receive the Certified Meeting Professional degree, (CMP). Ms. Whittle has managed International programs in London, Rome, Venice, Taipei, Dublin, Geneva, Berlin, Cairo, Canada, Jamaica as well as many domestic programs in several US cities. She brings to Keynote Speakers experience from the George P. Johnson Company, International Data Group, IDG Executive Forums, experient -a Maritz Travel Company, (formerly Conferon), Meetings & Conventions Magazine, (Northstar Travel Media, formerly Reed Travel Group), and the Direct Marketing Association.

Lauren Whittle is also a hotel sales and marketing executive with experience from Carlson Hotels, Hilton, Sheraton, Hyatt, InterContinental Hotels and the Walt Disney World Company. She has served as Director of Sales for the Ithaca, New York Convention and Visitors Bureau as well.

A graduate of Niagara University’s College of Hospitality and Tourism Management, she attended Cornell University as well.

Lauren Whittle enjoys antiques, travel and exploring the Bay area. She is an animal advocate and lives with her feline rescue in Northern California.

Cameron Smith - Vice President
Cameron's experience in the high tech arena enables him to guide Keynote's operational development and overall strategy with an eye to the future. His career includes time with companies at the forefront of technological change, so he's well aware of the high expectations and constantly changing needs of our clients and speakers. Cameron also has experience in the health care and insurance fields, project management, product management, and quality assurance.

Cameron's favorite types of speakers include, naturally, the high tech futurists and innovation experts. He also helps keep some of our non-sports-fan employees up to date on current sports speakers.

Cameron recently received his first two US patents, both for arcane computer networking processes. In his spare time he continues to expand his knowledge of current technological trends, plays with new high-tech gizmos, and spends as much time as possible with his family. He has recently traveled to such far-flung places as Bali, Singapore, Bogota, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, London, Buenos Aires, and Riga - unfortunately not all for vacation.

Sandy Hoang - Event Administrator
Creative, resourceful, and charged with keeping things in order, Sandy has many years of operations experience from her time at a previous boutique financial firm. While there she started doing Brand Ambassador work on the side for fun, working with various companies and representing their brand at conferences and events. She found the energy and unpredictability of this line of work thrilling and it was the perfect segway into her role as Events Administrator here at Keynote Speakers, where she supports operations and event services.

Sandy is a member of a Bay Area Zen center, where she learns and continually practices meditation. Dancing is her escape as she attends U-Jam, a hip hop fitness class, several times a week. She enjoys trying different cuisines of all cultures as a self-proclaimed foodie, and relishes in the rewarding experience of volunteering and traveling.

"In my position, I'm constantly getting called on by different speakers bureaus; however, Keynote Speakers is my first and last choice. Their personalized attention and invested interest in the success of our events cannot be matched. Keynote sets the standards for excellence and I always recommend them to my colleagues." --Association Vice President for Education

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