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  • The true cause of America’s declining economic health and what an organization or person does to turn it around.
  • The economists and MBAs are the problem not the solution.
  • The difference between finance-and technology-based planning and how an organization can adopt the later to ensure economic success.
  • President Reagan's vision for ensuring America's super-power status—and no it’s not what is bantered about by the present politicians and in the press; they weren't there.
  • How the U.S. can overcome China's massive resource advantage—1 US to 40 Chinese engineering graduates per year, $17.5 trillion U.S. debt to $4 trillion China war chest.
  • How the U.S. can use its founding democratic principles of self-initiative and reward, free markets to dominate China's government-centric, monolithic approach to competition.
  • The coming automated innovation revolution—an endless stream of previously unimaginable products based upon technology breakthroughs being generated at an astronomically fast rate.


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Michael Sekora led a classified program in the Reagan White House that was on track for not just preventing America's present economic tailspin, but for ensuring America's super-power status for many generations and for preventing the rising threat of China as the sole world super-power.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Michael Sekora founded and led an initiative in the U.S. intelligence community to determine the cause of America's declining competitiveness, (and thereby economic health), and develop the required solution. The initiative, the Socrates Project, was fully successful on both aspects of its mission.

To determine the true, underlying cause of America's declining competitiveness the Socrates Project knew it had to go way beyond the short, fragmented studies done by the universities and consultants that resulted in anecdotal observations and quick-trick band-aid fixes. To accomplish this, Socrates used all source intelligence to assemble a holistic view of all competition worldwide that far surpassed in detail and scope anything that was available then or is available now. What was revealed was that the foundation that the U.S. was using to compete, and that the economists and MBAs doggedly espoused was financial-based planning. Financial-based planning is highly flawed and the cause of the decline.

Socrates determined that the U.S. shifted from technology-based to financial-based planning beginning at the end of WWII. And that technology-based planning is what was used by the U.S. before WWII to become a world super-power and was used by companies like Dow, DuPont, GM and Ford to become industry giants. It was also determined that technology-based planning was what was enabling China to very rapidly evolve into the next undisputed world super-power.

Socrates further determined that to regain a long-term sustainable competitive advantage, the U.S. could not just re-adopt its pre-WWII technology-based planning. Instead the U.S. needed to leapfrog over the technology-based planning of countries like China by generating and leading the next revolution leap in technology-based planning–the automated innovation revolution. The automated innovation revolution, just like the scientific revolution and the industrial revolution before, would provide a country with an undisputable dominant position for many generations.

The Socrates Project developed an automated innovation system, and a proof-of-concept version was used for high-priority government programs (e.g., Star Wars, stealth, resurrection of the U.S. IC industry, dismemberment of the USSR). As a result, President Reagan had an executive order drafted mandating the creation of a new federal agency, the first since the creation of NASA in the 1950s, for the deployment of the complete Socrates automated innovation system as a national asset for all U.S. public and private organizations. Bush abolished the Socrates Project due to pressure from U.S. allies.

With what Socrates was on track for preventing now coming to fruition, it's time for the Socrates story to be told, and the results it developed brought back for implementation before the U.S. becomes a third-rate debtor nation and China the sole world super-power.

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  • President Reagan's Program to Secure U.S. Leadership Indefinitely: Project Socrates (2013)

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