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  • Geopolitical Risk Management
  • The Geopolitics of American Energy Policy
  • Projecting the White House: The 2016 Presidential Campaign
  • Wobbling the Colossus: The Greek Roots of the Eurozone Crisis


Globalization | Current Events | Politics


John Sitilides is Principal at Trilogy Advisors LLC, specializing in government relations and strategic communications in Washington, D.C. Under a U.S. government contract, Sitilides chairs the State Department's Advanced Area Studies Program for southeastern Europe at the Foreign Service Institute, Washington's primary training institution for American diplomats and other foreign policy professionals.

Mr. Sitilides is an Experts Team Member at Wikistrat, the premier strategic analysis and forecasting network; a member of the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals; and former Board Chairman of the Woodrow Wilson Center Southeast Europe Project.

John served as an Alternate Member on the Commerce Department's Initiative for Technology Cooperation in the Balkans under President George W. Bush.

A speaker at investor and business conference, he shares his insights into U.S. and global decision-making that impacts markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, helping high-stakes executives better understand and mitigate against geopolitical risk and disruption.

John Sitilides has testified before Congress and has conducted hundreds of news interviews, including on FOX News, CNN, CNN International and One American News Network, on American politics, national security and global affairs.

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