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  • Paid To Think(TM): A Proven Process for Strategizing and the 12 Daily Activities All Leaders and Managers Must Perform
  • Forecasting: Harnessing the Power of Future-Focused Decision Making: Making Decisions Today by Being Certain about Tomorrow
  • The Art and Science of Competitive Intelligence: How to Get the Goods on the Competition and Turn Data into Gold
  • Rethinking Leadership and Management: Throw Off Self-Limiting Thinking to Accelerate Achievement
  • Win by a Nose, Lose by a Nose: Strategies and Tools that Put Organizations in the Winners Circle
  • Redefining Your Future: Turbo Charged Approach to Rapid Strategizing
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation: How to Use Innovation to Stand Out in the Crowd
  • Winning in the 21st Century: How Innovation Improves Your Products, Services, and Operations
  • The Secrets and Strategies of Empowering Others: Developing High Performance Individuals and Organizations
  • The Advantages of Thinking Global: Getting Everyone to Think Bigger and Win More
  • Getting Others to Yes: How Leaders Sell Themselves, Their Ideas, and Their Organizations to Others
  • Building Strategic Alliances: How to Plug In, Tune Out, and Move Forward
  • Putting People Last: And The Tool That Will Have Them Thanking You
  • Advanced Strategizing: Getting from Point A to Point B Better, Faster, and Cheaper
  • Managing Priorities: Maximizing Returns on Your Time Investments
  • Leading and Managing in Turbulent Times: Doing More with Less
  • Great Leaders Don't Need Charisma: You're Measured by Your Accomplishments...Here's How Lead and Win
  • Technology's Role in Your Next Best Step: A Lucrative Perspective on Creating Opportunities and Solving Challenges
  • How to Create Explosive Association Growth: Master the Most Powerful Secrets of Association Growth, That Will Expand Membership, Increase Retention, And Put You In Control!


Branding | Change | Leadership | Management | Marketing | Strategic Planning | Teamwork | Technology


David Goldsmith is a consultant, executive adviser, educator, author, entrepreneur, and patent holder. He has reshaped modern-day leadership thinking as the pioneer of the groundbreaking Enterprise Thinking approach to leading and managing that rapidly transforms leaders and advances organizations. David works from the belief that if leaders think better, they will do better, regardless of their management level, degree of experience, industry, geography, culture, and function. His expert insights on how leadership challenges are universal— separated only by industry-specific vocabulary and trappings—enable him to deliver solutions to a global client base. He speaks on leadership and any combination of factors affecting it including but not limited to forecasting, innovation, and strategy.

David is President and Co-founder of the Goldsmith Organization (New York and Hong Kong), a consulting firm servicing executive clients worldwide in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries, and education; Co-founder of ecosystem.AI (San Francisco and London), a predictive analytics and visualization company that finds hidden value in market and organizational complexity relationships through identified patterns and spatial trends to reveal how business and organizational ecosystems change over time; Co-founder of Buzd, LLC (San Francisco), a firm in which he is a patent holder for technological applications and products related to artificial intelligence, cell phone applications, battery technologies, and consumer products; Co-founder and CEO of TymSync, Inc. (San Diego), a forward-oriented firm that develops innovative technologies; Project Leader of an undisclosed project for NASA (Silicon Valley); and adviser and stakeholder in several cutting-edge startups from around the world.

His book, Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future has received praise for replacing common leadership thinking with eye-opening perspectives and practical “tools” designed for decision makers to put to immediate use and to easily transfer to others, thus multiplying beneficial outcomes organization wide. Readers rapidly convert ideas to results, produce substantial financial returns, and take charge of their professional and personal lives.

During his twelve years of adjunct professorate at New York University, David was awarded NYU’s Excellence in Teaching Award. He was named by Meetings Magazine as one of its 26 Hottest Speakers for his ability to deliver transformational and engaging programs. His content is drawn from the depth and diversity of 30 years of experience, enabling him to cross-pollinate ideas from one industry or sector to another and informing his understanding of the macro, micro, and nuanced challenges facing leaders and managers on a daily basis. His presentations deliver “I’ve-never-thought-of-it-that-way” solutions across multiple platforms, industries, and environments.

David does not subscribe to an all-work-and-no-play lifestyle. Rather, clients glean additional value from his strong emphasis on experiencing a high quality of life in simultaneous pursuit of professional excellence: a practice by which he lives daily. Those who know David equally attest that he approaches every endeavor with an authentic zest to fulfill the promise written on the cover of Paid to THINK—Achieve More, Earn More, and Live More.

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  • Paid to Think (2012)

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