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  • Near-Term Business Opportunities in Nanotechnology
  • Addressing Humanity's Greatest Challenges with Nanotechnology
  • Investment Opportunities in Nanotechnology
  • How Nanotechnology Will Impact Your Business
  • Conducting a "Nanotechnology Implications Audit" for Your Business
  • Creating Partnerships to Develop Nanotechnology Applications
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Nanotechnology
  • Agenda for Nanotechnology Public Policy
  • Nanotech 101--Overview for Those New to the Field


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Scott Mize is an entrepreneur, advisor, and speaker in the field of high technology. He has 20 years of experience in the information technology, new media and Internet industries, and has worked in the nanotechnology field for over six years. He currently provides business and venture development services to early-stage technology companies and established corporations.

Mr. Mize was recently President of Foresight Nanotech Institute, the leading nanotechnology think tank. Prior to joining Foresight Nanotech Institute, he co-founded AngstroVision, Inc., a research-stage nanotechnology tools company focused on creating a breakthrough imaging and metrology instrument. He was the originator and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Nanotechnology Opportunity Report(TM), the first comprehensive global report on the near-term commercial opportunities in nanotechnology, published by Cientifica.

Scott Mize provided management services to Technanogy, a nanomaterials company that merged with Nanotechnologies, Inc. (now NovaCentrix). He also served as an advisor to Accelrys, the leading nanotechnology software company, Business Image Group, a media asset solutions company, Clean Edge, a clean technology market research firm, Natural Logic, an environmental performance consulting firm and, a personal development Web site.

Prior to entering the nanotechnology field, Mr. Mize served as a principal in a venture catalyst firm, providing business development, capital advisory and strategy services to early-stage wireless, Internet, information technology, and new media companies. He has raised equity capital, established revenue-generating alliances with leading corporations, completed numerous licensing agreements, and closed substantial sales of product in the computer and interactive media industries. He also co-developed an innovative financing vehicle for interactive media development.

Scott Mize founded and served as CEO of Zelos!, an early publisher of personal learning products on CD-ROM, which was acquired by Charter Communications. He served as Apple Computer's Multimedia Content Evangelist, where he managed Apple's relationships with the first wave of third party developers of CD-ROM products. He was a Product Manager in the Information Services Group at Lotus Development Corporation, (now a subsidiary of IBM), where he developed information products used in market research. He also served as director of software development for a hand-held computer manufacturer and co-founded a microcomputer software company. Originally trained as a software engineer, he has developed several products, including applications, an operating system and information products.

Scott Mize is a founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization and the San Francisco Multimedia Development Group. He attended Harvard College and co-founded the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs. He served on the board of the founding conference for the International Space University. He has been a judge for New Media Magazine's INVISION awards and the Global Information Infrastructure Awards. He has spoken at over thirty industry conferences in the information technology, new media and nanotechnology fields, as well as served as Event Chair for the Nanotech Tools session at the MIToStanfordoBerkeley Nanotechnology Forum and the SDForum Nanotechnology Series. He has also been a guest lecturer at Stanford University, University of San Francisco, and San Francisco State University.

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