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  • U.S. Regional Economies
  • Global Economy
  • Economic Forecasting
  • Economic Development
  • California Budget
  • U.S. Deficit/Budget
  • U.S. Financial System
  • Real Estate Markets
  • Employment & Labor Markets


Current Events | Economy | Finance | Generations and Demographics | Globalization | Politics


Christopher Thornberg is Founding Partner of Beacon Economics, LLC and widely considered   to   be   one   of   California’s   leading economists.     An expert  in economic     forecasting,     regional  economics,  real   estate   and   industry   analysis,   employment  and  labor   markets, and economic policy, he was one of the earliest  and   most  adamant predictors of the subprime mortgage market  crash   that   began in 2007, and of the global economic   recession  that  followed.  Since  2006,  he  has  served  on  the  advisory  board  of  Wall   Street   hedge   fund,   Paulson   &   Co.  Inc.   Between 2008 and  2012,   he   served   as   a  chief   economic   advisor   to   the   California  State  Controller’s  Office,  and  as  Chair  of  Controller  John  Chiang’s  Council of Economic  Advisors. 

A    highly    sought    after    speaker,    Dr. Thornberg    regularly    presents    to    leading    business, government,   and nonprofit   organizations. These groups include REOMAC, the California State Association of   Counties,   and   the California   and   Nevada   Credit Union   League,   among   many others.  He has testified before the U.S.  Congress  House  Committee  on  Financial  Services   on  municipal  debt   issues,  and  before  the  California   State  Assembly  Committee  on  Revenue  and  Taxation  regarding  rule  changes  related  to  Proposition  13. 

Dr.  Thornberg  has  been  involved  in  a   number  of  special  studies  measuring  the  effect  of  important   events on the economy including the NAFTA treaty, the California   electricity crisis,  port   security, California’s water transfer programs, and the terrorist   attacks of September 11,  2001.    Additionally, he serves on the editorial board of the Graziadio Business Report, a  peer-­‐reviewed  publication  of  the  Graziadio  School  of  Business  and  Management   at  Pepperdine  University.   He   is   also   a panel   member   of   the   National   Association   of   Business   Economists’ quarterly   “Outlook” and a contributor to the “Economic Consensus Outlook” published by the Journal of Business Forecasting. 

Dr.  Thornberg  serves  on  the  boards  of  a   number  of  business  and  nonprofit  organizations  including   on   the   Board   of   Directors   of   the   Los   Angeles   Area   Chamber   of   Commerce,   as   a  Business  Leader  Member  of  America's  Edge,  a  nonprofit  organization  focused  on  strengthening  businesses   and the economy through public investments in youth and education, and on the  Advisory  Board  of  the  Asian  Real  Estate  Association  of  America. 

Prior to launching  Beacon Economics Dr.  Thornberg  was  a   senior  economist  with UCLA’s  Anderson  Forecast  where  he  regularly  authored  economic  outlooks  for  California,  Los  Angeles,  the  East  Bay,  and  developed  specialized  forecasts  for  a  variety  of  public  and  private  entities.  He  previously    taught  in  the  MBA  program  at   UCLA’s  Anderson  School,  in  the  Rady    School  of  Business  at  UCSD,  and  at  Thammasat  University  in  Bangkok,  Thailand.  He  has  also  held  a  faculty  position  in  the  economics  department  at  Clemson  University. 

A   well-known media commentator, Dr. Thornberg has  appeared  on  CNN  and  NPR  and  is  regularly  quoted  in  major  national  dailies  including  the  Wall Street Journal  and  New York Times. 

Originally from upstate New York, Dr. Thornberg holds a Ph.D. in Business Economics from The Anderson   School at   UCLA, and a B.S. in Business Administration   from   the   State   University of New York at Buffalo.

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