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  • Social Revolution: How Social Media Are Reinventing Our World
  • Emerging Trends and Innovations: How Ubertrends are Reshaping Our Future
  • The iPadification of Society: A New Media Lifestyle Emerges
  • Can America Be Reinvented Through Crowdsourcing? In a Word, Yes!
  • Innovation+Trends Unpacked: Creating a Winning Branding/Product Strategy
  • The Woman’s Acceptance Factor


Author | Change | Design | Digital Media | Disruptive Innovation | Marketing | Retail | Social Media | Technology | Internet of Things (IofT)


Innovation and reinvention are recurring themes in Michael Tchong’s talks.  He is qualified to speak on these subjects because during his career in advertising, publishing, software, and the internet Mr. Tchong has repeatedly demonstrated a unique ability to ride the latest waves.

As founder of four start-ups, Michael Tchong helped pioneer such sweeping changes as desktop publishing, personal information management, Internet research and online marketing.  His ability to identify emerging trends was refined during a career that began at some of Madison Avenue’s most creative ad agencies, including DDB and Chiat/Day, while his start-ups include MacWEEK and ICONOCAST.

Mr. Tchong leverages his expertise in marketing, media and technology to help audiences better grasp how massive waves, dubbed “ubertrends,” are reshaping society.  He does this by taking audiences on a spellbinding, roller-coaster tour through the “landscape of now,” revealing a host of opportunities these ubertrends offer.

A change management consultant, Michael Tchong motivates and inspires audiences by exploring innovative cross-disciplinary products and services that leverage market trends.  His transformational talks also show how brands are adapting to fast-moving changes in the consumer culture, with special emphasis on the world of social and mobile media.

Mr. Tchong’s ability to decode the future, lead the U.K.’s The Daily Telegraph to label Michael “America’s most influential trendspotter.”  He has appeared in numerous publications and TV shows, including Access Hollywood, Advertising Age, Bloomberg TV, BusinessWeek, CNET, CNN, The Independent (U.K.), The New York Times, PBS, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Wired.

Michael Tchong is the author of Trendscape 2004 and recently released the definitive social media resource, entitled Social Engagement Marketing, which provides an easy-to-navigate “user interface” to the rapidly changing world of social media, including marketing solutions and techniques offered.

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  • Trendscape 2004(2003)
  • Social Engagement Marketing (2011)

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