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  • Information Warfare and Cyberterrorism
  • Information Security 101
  • An Electronic Bill of Rights and National Information Policy
  • Computer Ethics for Corporations, Government, and Families
  • Protecting Kids on the Internet: A Non-Technical How-To
  • Hackers, Hacking, and Hacking Weapons
  • Developing a Workable Corporate Security Policy
  • Defending Critical Infrastructure in Cyberspace
  • Using Military Approaches to Network Security Terrorist WMD and The Future of Security
  • Real World Security Awareness
  • General's Abdication
  • Rear Echelon Attacks: Asymmetrical Adversarialism
  • Time Based Security
  • Corporate Vigilantism: Right, Wrong or Necessary?
  • RF Weapons, HERF Guns and EMP Bombs:
  • Cyber-Disaster Exercises
  • Personal, Corporate and National Survival in Cyberspace
  • Information Security
  • Using Deception in Network and Infrastructure Defense
  • Non-technical Information Security


Computer Security


Winn Schwartau balances his time between writing, lecturing, teaching, and building corporate and national security-awareness programs, and consulting to multinational organizations and governments worldwide. He is one of the country's leading experts on information security, infrastructure protection and electronic privacy. With thousands of credits to his name, Mr. Schwartau writes on security, information warfare, privacy, culture and how they all fit together. He consults with private and government organizations around the world, constantly pushing the envelope of understanding and thought.

Mr. Schwartau is Founder and CEO of Trusted Learning Corporation, a revolutionary new on-line global educational system that permits any organization to rapidly open their own learning centers, and anyone to become a teacher. He is president and founder of Interpact, Inc. Interpact develops innovative and entertaining information security awareness programs for private, public and government organizations. He is also the founder of the influential InfowarCon conference, which has established itself as the premier international event on information warfare and Critical Infrastructure Protection. Founder of NiceKids.Net, for kids, families and teachers, Winn Schwartau is the author of Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids (and Parents and Teachers Without a Clue) (2001/2002).

In 2002, Network World honored Mr. Schwartau as a "Power Thinker" and one of the 50 most powerful people.

Often referred to as "the civilian architect of information warfare," Winn Schwartau coined the term "Electronic Pearl Harbor" and was the Project Lead of the Manhattan Cyber Project Information Warfare and Electronic Civil Defense Team.

Mr. Schwartau's book Pearl Harbor Dot Com is a compelling fictional story about a Cyberterrorist attack on the United States. It is based upon his prophetic 1991 novel, Terminal Compromise. His hit Cybershock (2000, 2001) is a non-technical look at hackers, hacking, and how important security is to families, companies and nations. It is meant for the average computer user or for organizations to help make their staffs aware of security concerns in the workplace. The principles he developed in Time Based Security, (1999, 2001) have redefined how security is measured, and employs means to quantify network protection, detection and reaction processes. These new principles of security are being rapidly expanded to encompass all three elements of the new security triad: people, physical, and cyber. His new work, General Abdication will appear in 2007. He is currently writing several more books. Two new books to be published are Advanced Time Based Security and Beyond Information Warfare.

Winn Schwartau's first non-fiction book, Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway (1993, 1994, 1996, 1997) developed the concepts and taxonomies Information Warfare and Cyberterrorism. This book brought previously classified ideas into the public domain. He called for the creation of a National Information Policy, a Constitution in Cyberspace and an Electronic Bill of Rights. The sequels, Information Warfare: Cyberterrorism, Second Edition, were released in 1997/1998.

Mr. Schwartau was a contributor to all three of AFCEA's Cyberwar Books (Ethical Conundra of Information Warfare, Something Other Than War and The Carbon Unit as Target) and several international works on CyberWar and Espionage. The Complete Internet Business Toolkit (1996) is one of the first books to ever be banned from export out of the United States.

Winn Schwartau's often controversial yet highly influential writing, interviews, and profiles have appeared in Orbis, Wired, NY Times, Information Week, Network World, ComputerWorld, Network Security, St. Petersburg Times, Internet World, Virus Bulletin, Security Management, Infoworld, PC Week, plus dozens of magazines around the world. Although not a hacker, he has been the popular host of DefCon's Hacker Jeopardy for nine years.

As an acknowledged global expert in the field of information security, Mr. Schwartau has testified before Congress, advised committees and has consulted as an expert witness. He has appeared regularly on popular US, European and Asian television shows, (CNN, BBC, ITV, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC), as well as hundreds of radio shows nationwide. He has been featured in dozens of documentaries that have been aired on The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, A&E, History, BBC, CBC, Encounters, and Now It Can Be Told, among others.

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  • Pearl Harbor Dot Com
  • Internet & Computer Ethics for Kids (and Their Parents & Teachers Who Haven't Got a Clue)
  • Cybershock Surviving Hackers, Phreakers, IdentityThieves, Internet Terrorists and Weapons of Mass Disruption
  • Time Based Security
  • Information Warfare: Cyber-terrorism Second Edition
  • Information Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway
  • The Complete Business Internet Toolkit

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