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  • America's New Direction
  • Millennials and K-12 Education
  • Millennials and College
  • Generations in the Workplace
  • Generational Marketing


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Neil Howe, best-selling author and national speaker, is a renowned authority on generations in America. He gives readers and audiences powerful insights into who today's generation are, what motivates them as consumers and workers, and how they will shape our national future. He is a great choice for any forward-looking organization that wants to grasp the big picture. His broadly cyclical perspective--oriented around familiar generational life stories--will put "the long term" into a stunning yet personal focus that will not soon be forgotten.

Mr. Howe has coauthored several books on generations with William Strauss, all best sellers widely used by businesses, colleges, government agencies, and political leaders of both parties. Their first book Generations (1991) is a history of America told as a sequence of generational biographies. His second book on generations, 13th Gen (1993) remains the best-selling nonfiction book ever written about Generation X. His third book, The Fourth Turning (1997), The Boston Globe wrote, "If Howe and Strauss are correct, they will take their place among the great American prophets."

Neil Howe and William Strauss originally coined the term "Millennial Generation." Their fourth book, Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation (2000), has been widely quoted in the media for its insistence that today's new crop of teens and kids are doing much better than most adults think. LifeCourse Associates has since released several application books on Millennials--including a Recruiting Millennials Handbook for the United States Army (2001), Millennials Go To College (2003), Millennials and the Pop Culture (2005), Millennials Go To College (Second Edition), and Millennials and K-12 Schools (2008). His work with Millennials in colleges and in the military was recently featured by CBS' 60 Minutes. Their latest publication is Millennials in the Workplace: Human Resource Strategies for a New Generation. In 2008, he co-authored The Graying of the Great Powers with Richard Jackson.

A historian, economist, and demographer, Mr. Howe is a founding partner of the consulting firm LifeCourse Associates. He is a marketing, personnel, and government affairs consultant to corporate and nonprofit clients, and has spoken and written extensively on the collective personalities of today's generations--who they are, what motivates them, and how they will shape America's future. He is also a recognized authority on global aging, long-term fiscal policy, and migration. His current titles include senior advisor to the Concord Coalition and senior associate to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C.

Previously, Neil Howe, with Peter G. Peterson, coauthored On Borrowed Time (1989; reissued 2004), a pioneering call for budgetary reform. According to Harvard's Martin Feldstein, former Chairman of the President's Council on Economic Advisors, "This book should be read by everyone who wants to understand how government spending can be controlled."

Mr. Howe's articles have appeared in The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The New York Times, American Demographics, USA Weekend, and other national publications. He has drafted several Social Security reform plans and testified on entitlements many times before Congress. He has written extensively on budget policy and aging and on attitudes toward economic growth, social progress, and stewardship. He co-edits the "Facing Facts" fax letter for the Concord Coalition and coauthors numerous studies for CSIS (including the Global Aging Initiative's "Aging Vulnerability Index" and "The Graying of the Middle Kingdom: The Economics and Demographics of Retirement Policy in China").

Neil Howe grew up in California, received his B.A. at University of California at Berkeley, studied abroad in France and Germany, and later earned graduate degrees in economics (M.A., 1978) and history (M.Phil. 1979) from Yale University. He currently lives in Great Falls, Virginia, with his wife and two Millennial children.

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  • Millennials in the Workplace: Human Resource Strategies for a New Generation (2010)
  • On Borrowed Time: How the Growth in Entitlement Spending Threatens America's Future (Introduction)
  • Millennials Go to College: Strategies for a New Generation on Campus
  • Millennials Rising: The Next Great Generation
  • The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy
  • 13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?
  • Generations: The History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069

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