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  • Customer Service and Emotional Brand Building: Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience and Create Customers for Life!
  • Understanding and Managing Change: Techniques For Dealing With Generational Perceptions and other Employee Attitudes
  • One Team—One Brand: Leadership Essentials for Creating the Ultimate Employee Environment
  • The Art of Communication: Communicate with Clarity and Create Relationships that Last!


Branding | Sales | Marketing | Leadership | Teamwork


Customer Service didn't die a sudden, unexpected death. It has been dying a slow, very painful death for a very long time. Scott Deming believes Service today is typical at best and transactional most of the time. People look at customers as an opportunity for a sale, rather than an opportunity for a meaningful relationship that will turn that customer into a loyal evangelist for life. Customer service is dying because people simply stopped looking at other people as fellow human beings.

Scott Deming is on a mission--to bring emotion, sincerity, caring and humanity back into customer service. He is on a mission--to impact as many people and as many organizations as possible with a simple message and a tried and true process. He is on a mission--to teach executives, management and staff that everyone is in this together. And finally, he is taking his nearly thirty years of advertising and marketing experience and showing proof positive that Relationships Rule and building a Brand through emotional experiences, not just great advertising is the key to Sustainable personal and professional success.

Mr. Deming draws on nearly thirty years of real, in the trenches, corporate life. He has experienced successes, failures, celebrations, and disasters. He has experienced the satisfaction and the frustrations of being an employee--and he has endured the hardships and reaped the rewards from twenty years of owning and operating a multi-million dollar, national advertising and marketing firm.

Scott Deming has managed every type of customer and employee personality, attitude and relationship. He has worked with small businesses and multi-national, mega corporations--everything from helping single mom and pop stores create a powerful brand and grow their business--to developing a marketing and sales strategy for manufacturers and thousands of their resellers--to helping companies through a roll up and conversion process and taking them to Wall Street. In short, he has lived and worked in just about every possible corporate environment.

And now after years of taking care of business in the boardrooms and conference rooms with CEO's, COO's, CFO's, creative directors, management and staff, Mr. Deming takes his depth and breadth of experience and packages it into one of the most dynamic, energetic, easy to understand programs and sends his attendees away not only excited to make a change, but armed with the tools to do so.

Scott Deming is a different kind of speaker, trainer and consultant. For one, his experience speaks for itself. But most important, he has the unique ability to engage and connect with people so that they're ready, willing and anxious to learn. If you're looking for the steak with the sizzle, look no further. He has the perfect combination of both (experience and style) to make your next training session, roundtable discussion, sales meeting, conference or convention the best ever!

Mr. Deming's multi-million dollar marketing and advertising firm RCI consistently created award winning, groundbreaking services and programs. These one-of-a-kind services, programs and processes--many of which were copyrighted--helped his clients rapidly grow their businesses and enjoy sustainable success. It was this very same progressive thinking and "against the flow" approach that rocketed RCI through uncommon growth and success over a twenty plus year period.

Innovation and "out of the box" thinking certainly played a role in RCI's success, but there was more. When looking at the success both Scott Deming and his clients enjoyed, leadership was key. He has the ability to inspire, impassion, and empower each and every employee, and he taught his clients how to do the same with their employees. In fact, so unique and genuine was his style while running RCI that his own staff, vendors and customers rewarded him with the ultimate prize--unwavering, long-term loyalty. And because of his genuine approach to people and his unique business philosophy, The Business Journal awarded RCI with the coveted award of "Most Inspiring Business of the Year."

Now, with a style and energy unlike any other, Mr. Deming teaches these successful techniques to corporations like 3M; AT&T; General Motors; Tyco; Verizon Wireless; Wells Fargo; Benjamin Moore Paints; Royal Caribbean; Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, and many, many others.

Scott Deming has been interviewed for his fresh ideas, unique processes, and popular presentations on national television and radio shows, newspapers and national magazines, and trade publications. He has written articles on the topics of "Emotional Brand Building" and "Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience" for numerous magazines--including Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Week, Sales and Service Excellence, and INC., to name a few. And now, his ideas and processes can be found in his internationally best-selling book The Brand Who Cried Wolf.

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  • Powered By Purpose: Identify Your Values, Discover Your Purpose, and Build Success for Life! (2014)
  • The Brand Who Cried Wolf --Deliver on your Company's Promise and Create Customers for Life

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