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Leigh Steinberg is widely recognized as the country's leading sports attorney. During his remarkable 33-year career, he has represented over 150 professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, golf, boxing and Olympic sports. His firm, Leigh Steinberg Enterprises, maintains a client roster that is highlighted by some of the most high profile names in sports. Athletes such as Hall of Famers Warren Moon (Houston Oilers), Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys), Steve Young (San Francisco 49ers)--along with Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers) Ricky Williams (Miami Dolphins), Mark Brunell (Washington Redskins), and Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis have all been among his esteemed group. He has represented the No. 1 pick overall in the NFL draft a record eight times, a milestone unrivaled within the sports industry.

What distinguishes Mr. Steinberg from others within his profession is his desire for athletes to make a positive contribution to society. He insists that every contract negotiated for his players include clauses that require the athlete to give back to their hometown, high school, university or national charities and foundations. According to him, this allows the athlete to function as a positive role model by repaying the community that helped shape him. As a result, his clients have donated over $100 million to hundreds of charities and scholarships nationwide.

Leigh Steinberg contributes his time and efforts to a variety of humanitarian causes. He has actively been involved with the Human Relations Commission, Children Now, Children's Miracle Network, CORO Fellows Program and the Starlight Foundation. He founded and underwrites the Steinberg Leadership Institute, a nationwide program run by the Anti-Defamation League preparing students to fight racism and inequality throughout the world. He has endowed scholarships at his high school, donated time and resources to organizations such as Special Olympics, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Junior Achievement. He has also endowed a classroom at Boalt Hall at the University of California at Berkeley. His community activism has drawn praise from the political world. He has received commendations from Congress, State Senate, State Legislature, The Los Angeles City Council, Orange County Board of Supervisors, President Reagan, President Bush, and President Clinton.

Mr. Steinberg has lent his marketing expertise to the video game software business and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for two software manufacturers. In an effort to share his 25 years of experience in the sports business world with others, he wrote a best selling book in 1998, Winning with Integrity, providing readers insight on how to improve their life through non-confrontational negotiating.

Leigh Steinberg has received screen credit as a Technical Consultant on the following feature films: Jerry Maguire, starring Tom Cruise, Oliver Stone's latest feature, On Any Given Sunday and For the Love of the Game, starring Kevin Costner. He has also worked as a consultant for the HBO original series, Arli$$ and serves as the title sponsor of the annual Newport Beach Film Festival.

An accomplished speaker, Mr. Steinberg has traveled the world addressing topics ranging from sports and entertainment, to political and economic issues. He helped lead a successful campaign to prevent the San Francisco Giants baseball club from relocating to Florida, the Oakland Athletics baseball club from relocating to Sacramento or San Jose, and he also served as Co-Chairman of the "Save the Rams" committee in its unsuccessful attempt to keep the franchise from leaving Southern California. He has championed the cause of player safety, advocating the removal of Astroturf from stadiums and held symposia on concussions, which promote rule, equipment and diagnostic changes to better protect players. He has been featured on national television programs such as 60 Minutes, Larry King Live, The Today Show and in magazines such as Business Week, Sports Illustrated, People, Success, Forbes, Playboy, GQ, and Inc.

Leigh Steinberg was born and raised in Los Angeles where he attended Hamilton High School. He attended the University of California at Los Angeles for one year before transferring to the Berkeley campus. At Berkeley, he was elected student body President and subsequently attended Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law where he was elected President of his graduation class and met his first client, Cal quarterback Steve Bartkowski.

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  • Winning With Integrity: Getting What You Want Without Selling Your Soul

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