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  • Outside Innovation: Profiting From Consumer-Driven Ecosystems Outside
  • Innovation In Retailing: How Are Consumers Re-Shaping The Shopping Experience?
  • Outside Innovation: How Your Customers Will Co-Design Your Company's Future
  • Keynote for Fidelity's Paperless Vision Strategy Session
  • Innovation 2007: Creating our Future
  • Taking the Online Customer Experience into the Future
  • How to Thrive in the Customer Economy
  • Developing Change Agents to Spawn Grass Roots Innovation and Transformation in Africa: Lessons Learned from Rural Africa Could Apply to Your Organization!
  • Smart Customization Comes of Age
  • Are We Entering a Golden Age of IT?
  • Green Engineering
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Customer Co-Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer-Centric Strategy
  • Customer Advisory Boards


Ecommerce/Internet | Customer Service | Change | Retail | Strategic Planning


Patricia Seybold has been a highly regarded visionary thought leader and business and technology strategist for 30 years. Known for her ability to spot the impact that technology enablement and customer behavior will have on business trends, she forecasts the ways in which customers will make new demands on companies in different industries.

Ms. Seybold provides customer-centric executives with strategic insights, technology guidance, and best practices. Her hands-on experience, discovery and chronicling of best practices, deep understanding of information technology, large and loyal client base, and ongoing case study research enhances the thought leadership she provides.

An internationally acclaimed best-selling author, Patricia Seybold's ground breaking book,, provides insight into how 16 still-thriving companies designed their e-business strategies to improve revenues, increase profitability, and enhance customer loyalty by making it easy for their customers to do business with them.

The Customer Revolution describes how 13 global businesses in a variety of industries manage by and for customer value while they continuously improve the quality of the customer experience they deliver across multiple channels. The Customer Revolution contains the original framework for Ms. Seybold's firm's Quality of Customer Experience (QCE)SM methodology and Customer Dashboards.

Patricia Seybold is co-author, with Martin Lindstrom, of BRANDchild, which synthesizes global research about the relationship of tweens to brands. Her recent book, Outside Innovation, has become one of the seminal titles in innovation literature. Its premise is that customer-led innovation should provide 50% of your firm's innovations in terms of new services, products, business models, and business processes to support them. Find your "lead customers," and let them help you co-design your next gen strategy and products. Her books have been translated into more than 10 languages.

Ms. Seybold has worked closely with financial services firms, government organizations, distributors, high-tech firms, life sciences' firms, not-for-profits, logistics companies, manufacturers, publishers, retailers, and travel providers to improve the customer experience they deliver across channels and touch points and to help them innovate to develop and launch solutions that will be valued and easily adopted.

Patricia Seybold uses a coaching, mentoring, and learn-by-doing-together approach to help clients achieve their goals as they transform their corporate cultures to be more customer-centric. She believes in working with cross-disciplinary teams and in engaging with customers to help shape strategy. Well-versed in current information technologies and architectures, she can help executives bridge the gap between their business strategies and the technology enablement they'll need.

Ms. Seybold helps clients identify the right groups of their customers to engage in order to determine needs and priorities. She interviews customers from all over the world, using her deep listening skills, to get customers to talk passionately about the things they care most deeply about. She then clusters customers into behavioral segments based on their context, their critical scenarios, and their emotional motivation. She co-developed the firm's customer co-design methodology, Customer Scenario® Mapping with clients in the late 1980's. She continues to evolve and refine the techniques.

Patricia Seybold is skilled in leading teams of customers, channel partners, and cross-functional executives to design their ideal experiences for achieving their outcomes and identifying customers' moments of truth and metrics. She helps her clients' teams redesign their businesses from the outside in by inviting their customers to invent new streamlined ways of accomplishing their desired outcomes, using their own real-world scenarios.

Ms. Seybold is adept at helping groups of stakeholders agree on short-term and strategic priorities. She is skilled in eliciting customer-critical metrics and helping clients identify operational performance metrics and ROI metrics they can monitor. These customer-centric metrics become the levers that focus everyone on improving performance on customer-critical issues.

Patricia Seybold's consulting clients include: American Airlines, American Cancer Society, Agilent, Amazon Services, ATB Financial, Autodesk, British Telecom, Business Objects, Cisco Systems, CitiCorp, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Dell,, Expedia, Fidelity Investments, Hewlett-Packard, IMF, L.L. Bean, Maritime Life,, National Instruments, Orient Overseas Container Lines, SolidWorks, Sprint, Symantec, Toro, Vodafone, Wells Fargo, and Xilinx, among others.

Patricia Seybold is a sought-after keynote speaker for industry events, user group meetings, marketing events, Webinars, and executive summits. Her topics include customer-led innovation, customer experience, and customer and technology trends. She tailors each presentation to the audience and industry, using stories to illustrate her key points.

Ms. Seybold is a regular contributor to the Patricia Seybold Group's Advisory Service, with weekly posts and monthly research reports. She highlights patterns, emerging practices, provides case studies, and she blogs regularly.

Patricia Seybold holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. She is on the board of several companies. She serves on the Council of the African Rural University for Women in Uganda. She is an avid multihull sailor and gardener.

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  • Outside Innovation
  • The Customer Revolution
  • Brandchild

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