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Are you a first time camper or are you looking to upgrade your current family camping tents 2019? If so, you'll be excited to learn about the Lightspeed Ample 6 Tent. This product has been dominating the market due to its durable and comfortable design and the number of features it offers for a minimum price. If you are not yet familiar with the Ample series by Lightspeed, you need to learn about these most spacious tents before you next camping adventure. Here is a look at why the Ample 6 is currently dominating the family camping tent market.

The Lightspeed Ample 6 tent is a spacious quick-pitch tent that comfortably fits 6 campers. Since the tent poles are already built into the tent fabric, assembly and setup is quick and easy for a camper with any level of camping experience. I have to say they are best Family Camping Tents in my opinion. The large front door makes for easy access into and out of the tent and the model also features and extended awning which helps protect campers from the harsh sun rays or from afternoon showers. There is also a separate and detachable rainfly that can offer superior protection from inclement weather and ensures the campers stay dry and comfortable during rain storms. The extra-large windows provide for ample ventilation and the storage pockets are great for campers who bring a lot of gear.

Five Reasons the Ample 6 is a Best Seller

  • This tent model can be assembled in minutes by only one camper
  • The extra-large front door makes it easy for campers, and gear, to get in and out of the tent
  • Campers will be protected during inclement weather by the extended awning and rainfly
  • It can comfortably sleep a family of 6 while still providing enough room for gear and equipment
  • This model is incredibly priced among its competiton

Who Should Buy the Lightspeed Ample 6 Tent

Whether you are a first time camper or have been taking annual camping trips for years, this model is a great choice for people with small to medium families. It is easy to see why this tent is loved by so many since it is well-designed, comfortable, and offers a lot of exciting features that increase the comfort and convenience of the campers during extending family vacations. You will not regret owning one of these and taking it with you or your next camping adventure. But you know finding the Best Camping Tents are very difficult!

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